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Excited about being a grandparent?

And maybe a little nervous?

Find out what every new grandparent needs to know so you can be the best grandparent ever.

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You know you’ll be a good grandparent!

But will you be an involved, valued part of your new grandbaby’s life?

With New Grandparent Essentials you can be.

Clarify your expectations, communicate clearly with parents, and learn what new grandparents need to know—so that you can fully enjoy every minute with your grandchild.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are excited to watch your child become a parent, and are worried about when to help and when to step back.
  • You look forward to watching this new little person learn and grow, and fear that time or distance will keep you from bonding with your new grandchild.
  • You are excited about having a little one to cuddle and love, and don't know where to get reliable information about safety and parenting trends.
  • You envision passing on family stories and traditions, and want to make sure you are fully prepared for a lifetime of memories.

New Grandparent Essentials is the answer!

New Grandparent Essentials helps you:

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As you look forward to having a little one to cuddle and love, New Grandparent Essentials can give you a head start on planning adventures and making memories to help you become a valued part of your grandchild's life.

grandfather and baby smiling at each other


Being a new grandparent also means starting a new kind of relationship with your grandchild’s parents, and that isn’t always easy to do. What if you had a blueprint to make sure that relationship started off on the right foot?

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So much has changed since we had babies! New Grandparent Essentials will make sure you are up-to-date on what grandparents need to know about care and safety for your precious grandchild, and always know where to turn for help.

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Instead of relying on a vague idea of what a good grandparent is, we'll show you how to clarify what it means to you and show you the specific steps to take to achieve all your grandparenting goals. It's what every new grandparent needs!

Check out what these brilliant grandparents are saying...


"The lesson in “intentional grand-parenting” made me realize how helpful it is to give more thought to my goals as a grandma and create an action plan. The talking points for the partnership with grandbaby’s parents are the most powerful part.
Gramma K.


The genius guidance in New Grandparent Essentials has opened up such an amazing dialogue with my daughter as we’ve shared ideas, concerns and product information, as well as her hopes and dreams for her daughter.
Sue, Grandma-to-be

What's included?

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grandmother, mother and baby on phone screen
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baby and mother playing on floor

All this!

The priceless materials in

New Grandparent Essentials,

worth over $600, are

now available for just $53!

That's less than a jumbo pack of diapers!

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What if you had all the tools and information you needed to be a prepared, valued grandparent?

New Grandparent Essentials is a digital resource that can help you become a valuable partner to parents and build strong, lasting bonds with your grandchild!

Hi, I’m DeeDee.

When I found out I was going to be a grandmother, I searched the internet for advice on establishing a strong relationship with my grandchildren and their parents. Though I found a few articles here and there, most of the grandparenting websites I found seemed to be focused on how much fun it is to be a grandparent. I wanted more than fun, and it turns out I wasn’t alone.

I created More Than Grand with a focus on how important it is to be a grandparent, and how to do that well.

As a communications consultant, I knew where to start. I began talking to parents to find out what it is they need from grandparents, and where they wish grandparents would do better.

Thanks to those conversations, we were able to create a resource that truly addresses what new families want new grandparents to know. New Grandparent Essentials will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to be a valuable, dearly loved partner in your grandchildren’s lives.

Questions for me? Email me any time!

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Ready to be the best grandparent ever? Get the essentials now.

New Grandparent Essentials is $625 $53!

       Count me in!      


Isn’t being a grandparent intuitive?
Why do I need a guide to teach me how?

Being a grandparent may be intuitive, but taking the time to be an intentional grandparent will make the experience so much richer for both you and your grandchild.

Besides, becoming a grandparent is not just a new role: It’s a new relationship with your grandchild’s parents. All new relationships need care and nurturing, and this one can be harder than most! It’s easy for grandparents to make mistakes without even realizing it. New Grandparent Essentials arms you with the tools and information you need to be a prepared grandparent, one who will become a valuable partner to parents and an important part of your grandchild’s life.

My grandchild’s already a year old. Would I benefit from this guide?

Yes! Although New Grandparent Essentials is written with brand new grandparents in mind, it’s never too late to become more intentional in your role or to improve your dialog with parents. No matter what your grandchild’s age, New Grandparent Essentials can help you become a more valuable grandparent. As one of our fans, a grandmother of six said:

"We thought we were pretty good at the grandparenting thing until DeeDee showed us an even better way. New Grandparent Essentials will help you thrive in your role as a grandparent.  By focusing first on the relationship with your adult child, you will exponentially improve your relationship with and impact in the lives of your grandkids."

I have a great relationship with my kids—is this still worth my time?

No matter how great your relationship with your adult children is, there are still potential pitfalls as your roles expand. New Grandparent Essentials provides you with the tools you need to make sure you avoid those pitfalls and continue to enjoy the relationship you’ve always had.

I took a grandparenting course at my community center. What’s different about this one?

Most in-person grandparenting classes are focused on the new trends in baby care and safety. New Grandparent Essentials goes way beyond that. You’ll be able clarify your expectations and intentions to understand what you really want out of grandparenting. Most important, you'll get a roadmap to creating a strong partnership with parents – something no other grandparenting resource offers.

How does this digital thingy work?

As soon as you complete your purchase, New Grandparent Essentials is delivered to your inbox. It can be completed on your own schedule from the comfort of your favorite chair. Just download the guide, grab a glass of something refreshing, and you are ready to go! You’ll get immediate, lifetime access to all sections: the MVG Secret, Partnering with Parents, Your Grand Plan, Care and Safety, and Resources.

What's your refund policy?

You have 14 days to request a hassle-free refund for any reason. We treat you like we want to be treated! This means we will promptly issue a refund if we don't meet your expectations.


Don't wait another minute! Start building stronger bonds now!

Get everything you need to to be a prepared grandparent for $625 just $53.

As young parents ourselves, and as professionals who support growing families, we absolutely love the idea of grandparents pursuing something like this. It will go a long way to building close family relationships.

Candy & Tiffany, New Parent Educators at Like A Sister Support